We are asking organisations and individuals to submit evidence to the Commission in order to gather a wide range of perspectives regarding the challenges the NHS faces as well as insights into innovative approaches currently being utilised to address these challenges. 

The Commission will focus on the major challenges facing the NHS across the UK, with an emphasis on eight key areas: the NHS and the Wider Economy, the Changing Healthcare Needs of the Population, Organisational/Structural Challenges, Delivering High Quality Services for all, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, Public/Patient Involvement and Expectations, Securing a Sustainable and Skilled Workforce, and the Role of Technology and Innovation.


The deadline for submissions has been extended to 31st October 2018.

While we appreciate you may have a lot to contribute, we are requesting that submissions be under 1,500 words and for your evidence to be provided in this downloadable template.

Please submit your evidence via this portal.