Call for Evidence Deadline Extended

The deadline for submissions has been extended to 31st October 2018.

This is the final opportunity to submit to the Call for Evidence. All evidence submissions must be received by the 31st October 2018. 


More information about how to submit evidence is available here

Evidence Hearing

On the 20th September 2018, there was an Evidence Hearing hosted at the LSE.


The Evidence Hearing was an opportunity to hear from a wide range of organisations and forms part of a wider strategy to increase participation in our Commission through a 'Call for Evidence' accessible on our website. 

Each presentation lasted 25 minutes with 10 minutes of questions. 

Organisations had a chance to suggest different policy recommendations and display examples of any innovative solutions they may have been involved in. At the same time, Commissioners had the opportunity to test their own perspectives on these same organisations.

LSE–Lancet Meeting of Commissioners in Edinburgh

On the 6th and 7th September 2018, there was a Meeting of Commissioners in Edinburgh, Scotland.


The first day of the Meeting of Commissioners in Edinburgh was for feedback and a summary of Evidence Submissions provided. This was followed by a private dinner at a landmark location for all Commissioners and the LSE-Lancet team members.


The second day's focus was on the policy recommendations and for the Commissioners and LSE-Lancet team to discuss them for the final report.

LSE–Lancet Commission Announces a Call for Evidence!

On 16th March 2018, the LSE–Lancet Commission ‘The Future of the NHS’ announced a call for evidence. This announcement is available here.


The Commission is hoping individuals and organisations will take this opportunity to provide the Commission with their perspectives on both the immediate and medium-term challenges facing the NHS over the next 20 years, as well as provide insights on approaches they have taken to address these challenges. This will help the Commission to consider a wide range of perspectives and maintain a positive approach orientated towards providing concrete policy recommendations.


Further guidance regarding the submissions can be found here.

LSE hosts 1st Commission Meeting

On the 30th November 2017, the LSE hosted the first Commission meeting. This meeting established the focus of the Commission.


The day started with an introduction between Commissioners, The Lancet editors and the LSE team. Commissioners presented on the various governance structures in place across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to gain insights into potential opportunities for cross-country comparisons.


The afternoon involved discussions to narrow the focus of the Commission to subdivide the Commissioners into different work streams. 

Slides from the meeting are available here.




16th November Commission Meeting at the LSE

LSE will be hosting a meeting on the 16th November to discuss the current draft of the report and to progress the Commission.  This meeting also includes feedback from the Evidence Hearing on the 20th September and the evidence submissions received.

LSE-Lancet Commission Meeting in Wales

On the 22nd November, the LSE-Lancet team will be meeting with senior leaders from NHS Wales in Cardiff to discuss health and social care in Wales compared to the other constituent countries.


LSE-Lancet Commission Meeting in Northern Ireland


The following day on the 23rd November, the LSE-Lancet team will be meeting with senior leaders from NHS Northern Ireland in Belfast. In these meetings, we will discuss health and social care in Northern Ireland and in comparison to the NHS in other constituent countries.